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Criminal Records Checks

OR4.01 – CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK (CRC) (Vulnerable Sector)

OR4.01(a) All OLA bench personnel (coaches, staff, trainers, etc.) and all OLA certified officials (box and field) who are 18 years of age as of January 1st of the current year who coach or officiate athletes 17 years of age or younger must submit a current Criminal Record Check (Vulnerable Sector) (CRC) upon registering for the current year. For previously approved individuals, an Offense Declaration must be submitted as per OR4.01(b). It is the position of the OLA that all OLA member clubs with additional registered volunteers who have direct contact with athletes 17 years of age or younger also submit a CRC. All OLA employees and Staff must submit a CRC.

OR4.01(b) A current CRC must be submitted by the prospective volunteer to the club's Privacy Officer for the current year. The CRC must be date stamped no later than the previous calendar year. The CRC will be valid for three consecutive years supported by an annual OLA Offense Declaration.

OR4.01(c) Individuals as outlined in OR4.01 (a) who do not submit a CRC will not be approved or eligible to participate in OLA programs until a valid CRC is submitted.

OR4.01(d) It is the position of the OLA that all OLA member clubs with athletes 17 years of age or younger institute a policy, which states that no adult will be alone with a child.

OR4.01(e) It is the responsibility of all OLA Member Clubs to ensure that all bench, coaching and management staff personnel including, but not limited to, coaches, trainers, therapists and volunteers, as well as volunteers who have direct contact with minor aged players, 17 years of age or younger, have a current CRC or an OLA Offense Declaration Form on file. It is the specific responsibility of the OLA to ensure that all OLA Registered officials (Box and Field), Provincial Teams and OLA Staff have a current CRC or an OLA Offense Declaration Form on file.

OR4.01(f) Any appeals relating to CRC will be handled as per the “CRC Operating Policy and Procedures Handbook”.

OR4.01(g) Should an individual be charged with a Level 3 offense, that individual's membership with the OLA may be immediately suspended from participation pending the final outcome of all criminal proceedings (that would allow for the legal appeal process to be exhausted). Reinstatement of membership privileges shall be considered upon a written request being submitted by the suspended member to the OLA Privacy Officer.


2017 Criminal Record Check Information Package

OLA Offense Declaration Form - Staff / Volunteers (Coaches, Executives, etc.)


News: OLA Partners with Sterling Backcheck

The Ontario Lacrosse Association recently completed a partnership agreement with SterlingBackcheck in an effort to expedite a cost-effective solution for volunteer screening.  Founded in 1975, SterlingBackcheck is an international provider of screening services, including criminal record checks, to the Canadian voluntary sector.

OLA members can now go online to obtain the necessary criminal record check for OLA registration. The fee to OLA members is $27.00 and most reports are prepared within 24 hours (and can be shared with various non-profit organizations).  All results are confidential to end users.

Those members interested in viewing the process before completing a check, can click here.

Members interested in activating a check, can click here.

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