SAGM Modules

2020 SAGM Agenda


Download Action Always Beats Intention! with Jenn Matheson & Andree Davis

Download Compliance, Constitution, Club Incorporation with Lynn Orth

Download Consistency in Discipline Hearings with George MacDonald

Download Festival Volunteer Information with Cheryl Laplante & Lynn Swindells

Download Fundraising for the Future Pt. 1 with Tricia Chilton

Download Fundraising for the Future Pt. 2 with Jenn Pate

Download Happiness in the Black with George MacDonald

Download Invitational Tournaments with Nicole Roe

Download OLA Screening Procedures with Ian Woolridge

Download Planting the Seeds with Jim Leworthy

Download Shooting for Success with Chris Page and Aaron Garfat

Download Strong Together with Dr. Beth Pollock