Publication of Final Ratings: Qualifiers

  1. Jun 26

MR7.02 (a)

Prior to the OLA Provincial Championships, the Corporation shall rank all clubs and place them into ratings (A, B, C, etc.) using the rankings that are calculated by the system agreed to at the AGM prior to the season (currently In order to receive an accurate ranking, all teams must play a minimum of ten (10) games, which must include one (1) tournament, by the following:

1. Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget ‘A’ Qualifier teams – 11 days prior to the first day of Qualifier play; and

2. Teams competing in the Provincial Festival (Tyke through Intermediate) – 17 days prior to the first day of the Ontario Lacrosse Festival.

If a team has not met this requirement, the team may not be eligible to participate in the Provincial Championship unless granted approval through the OLA. These games may be a combination of Zone play, tournament games and/or approved non-zone games (house league games not included). Additionally, all teams must fulfill their Zone commitment, and be in good standing.