2024 Last Chance Coaching Clinic (Box)


Ontario Lacrosse Last Chance Coaching Clinic (2024, Box)

Ontario Lacrosse shares the details of the last opportunity for box lacrosse coaches to receive certification for the 2024 season. Both Community Development and Competitive Introduction levels will be offered. The sessions will take place a the Hill Academy (20490 Porterfield Rd, Caledon, ON). Coaches must be registered with their home club by May 15, and the final date to register for these clinics is Friday, May 24 at 5:00pm; no registrations will be accepted after this date. 


Community Development (Box 1)

Saturday, June 1

9am - 3pm



Competitive Introduction (Box 2)

Sunday, June 2

9am - 3pm



Link to register

Update to Coaching Certification for Competitive Introduction Box or Field


A Message on Behalf of Rick Phillips, OLA VP Coaching:


Greetings coaches, and welcome to the 2024 season! An important update has been made to the Coaching Requirements for Competitive Introduction Coaches in Box and Field sectors. Coaches who completed a Competitive Introduction clinic in 2023 (in either box or field) will not be required to complete their coaching workbook as part of their certification.

Coaches who took a Competitive Introduction clinic in 2022 or earlier will have until September 30, 2024 to complete and submit their workbook for evaluation. Failure to meet this deadline will result in loss of Competitive Introduction certification. Coaches who are required to complete their workbook may contact Peter ( to receive a passcode to complete their workbook online.

Please ensure that coaches within your organization are aware of this change. For questions related to coaching, please reach me at


Rick Phillips
OLA VP Coaching

Non-Sanctioned Participation Policy Placed On Hold for 2024


Earlier today, the OLA’s Board of Directors accepted the following recommendation from a majority of minor lacrosse league governors in response to the revised unsanctioned participation policy:

To fully delay the enactment of the non-sanctioned participation policy for the 2024 season, which will allow for detailed consultation from stakeholders to ensure that policy needs and objectives are met.

As a result, this policy is formally tabled for further consideration in order to define fairness for all OLA stakeholders. A consultation period has been suggested for amendments and clarifications over the next several months, which allows club presidents and league representatives to gather clear feedback for submission and consideration of all facets. While supportive of the policy’s general objectives, concerns regarding implementation, reporting and extenuating circumstances were accepted as valid foundations for further club participation in this process; including opportunities to amend, revise or enact such decisions in a manner that encourages player development opportunities with reputable organizations. With acceptance of this recommendation, the Board of Directors reaffirmed commitment to serving the long-term goals of the OLA. 

The decision to delay implementation of this policy does not affect Regulation 6.07 or any other membership conditions or restrictions which were approved in 2021 and 2022, but it does narrow the scope to Junior participants only, which has been historically established by special resolution of the membership. Such measures will be applied as impacts are identified.