About The OLA

Ontario Lacrosse Association Profile

Mission Statement

The Ontario Lacrosse Association (OLA) exists to improve, foster, perpetuate and govern the sport of lacrosse within the province of Ontario. To achieve this end, the Board of Directors and staff members of the OLA:

  • Direct recreational and competitive lacrosse programs for minor, junior and senior leagues for males and females;
  • Protect and serve the mutual interests of all members of the association;
  • Coordinate and supervise the provincial championship competitions of the membership, where appropriate;
  • Operate provincially representative teams for participation in Lacrosse Canada amateur national championships;
  • Encourage participation in the sport of lacrosse at the community (house leagues) and amateur competitive (representative) levels for the greatest number of individuals possible;
  • Promote the concept of fair play and respect at all times, including the ideals of winning graciously and accepting defeat with dignity;
  • Enhance the positive image of lacrosse by providing development opportunities and initiatives for players, coaches, officials and volunteers to become involved in the game;
  • Represent the interests of its membership at the Lacrosse Canada and World Lacrosse levels;
  • Teach everyone involved to love the game above the prize.

Organization Summary

The Ontario Lacrosse Association is a member association of Lacrosse Canada (LC), the national governing body for lacrosse in Canada. The OLA oversees 66 associations competing in 13 leagues within the following sectors:

  • Senior Box Lacrosse (3 Leagues)
  • Junior Box Lacrosse (3 Leagues)
  • Minor Box Lacrosse (1 League, 6 Divisions, 8 Zones)
  • Men's Field Lacrosse (2 Leagues)
  • Women's Field Lacrosse (2 Leagues)
  • Minor Field Lacrosse (1 League)
  • Soft Lacrosse (1 League)

In addition to coordinating the operation of the sport, the OLA provides informative resources, technical development programs and additional supplies for those interested in the 'fastest game on two feet.' For more information or to become involved, contact the Ontario Lacrosse Association at 416-426-7066 or info@ontariolacrosse.com

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