Strategic Plan


The Ontario Lacrosse Association’s Strategic Plan: One Team Ontario provides the direction and pathway for the growth of lacrosse in Ontario in partnership with key stakeholders of Ontario’s associations, executives, coaches, officials, and volunteers who will work together to drive this plan forward to achieve the vision of the Ontario Lacrosse Association.

It is important to understand that this is a strategic plan, as opposed to an operational plan or action plan. This strategic plan is meant to provide an inspiring vision, clear mission, strong fundamental values and the key strategic goals and objectives that can be achieved with impactful actions. Each stakeholder in the game is responsible for developing and aligning their own strategic and operational action plans to deliver upon the strategic plan. All executive members within Ontario Lacrosse Association leagues and clubs are considered key partners who play an important role in driving this plan forward.


Strategic Plan Guide


Strategic Plan Downloads

There are two downloadable versions of the OLA Strategic Plan. You can download the standard PDF document (8.5 x 11) or the Poster Illustration (11 x 17) here.