TORONTO ON – December 1st, 2016 – At the 2016 Ontario Lacrosse Association Annual General Meeting, Marion Ladouceur assumed the presidency of the association by acclamation. Outgoing OLA President John Doherty, having served in the position since 2006, became the de facto past-president as a result. “I wish to thank John for his years of dedicated service and leadership as our president,” said Stan Cockerton, Executive Director of the Ontario Lacrosse Association in his address to the membership. “Our association has benefitted from his unwavering commitment to the game. We now look forward to a new chapter with Marion Ladouceur as we all continue to build on the legacy and records of the Ontario Lacrosse Association.”

Mrs. Ladouceur has previously served as the VP Minor Admin of the Ontario Lacrosse Association’s Board of Directors since 2001, and has also served as both a ratings coordinator and as a zone director. She has an extensive knowledge of the history and operation of the Ontario Lacrosse Association, and has actively
assisted in establishing the Ontario Lacrosse Festival in its current format.

“I am incredibly excited to serve the Ontario Lacrosse Association membership as president,” said Marion upon the announcement of her acclamation. “I look forward to continuing the great work of the OLA’s Board of Directors and staff in our efforts to grow the game.” 

Mrs. Ladouceur’s appointment resulted in the vacancy of the VP Minor Admin position, which forced an election whereby Laurie Hansen was declared the majority winner. Ms. Hansen has previously served as a zone director and volunteer coordinator with the Ontario Lacrosse Festival.

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About the Ontario Lacrosse Association:

Since 1897, the Ontario Lacrosse Association (OLA) has been recognized as the administrative governing body of all levels (youth, junior and senior) and disciplines (box, field and inter-lacrosse) of lacrosse in the province. Over time, the OLA has introduced and delivered programs and services to assist in the promotion and development of the sport provincially. For more information about the OLA, please contact
Stan Cockerton