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Please see the following message on behalf of Rick Phillips, OLA VP of Coaching:

Greetings fellow coaches, and welcome to the 2016 lacrosse season. In 2015, we noticed a pattern where coaches were bypassing the community development level in both box and field, and instead taking the competitive intro clinic. This year, this has become a full-blown problem. The OLA Coaching Pathway clearly states that it is essential for first-year coaches to successfully complete the community development clinic prior to enrolling in a comp intro clinic (which is required for coaches involved in bantam and above).

Because of the significant number of coaches who failed to follow the OLA Coaching Pathway and have had their field lacrosse cards rejected for lack of proper certification, the OLA made a one-time exception for these coaches in order to allow them to coach the 2015 field lacrosse season. These individuals must attend a community development clinic before the beginning of the 2016 field season to satisfy their missing component, or they will be ineligible to coach. The OLA also realized that this issue occured with box lacrosse coaches as well, and as a result, the same one time exception was granted for the 2015 box season. Again, these coaches must attend a community development clinic prior to the 2016 box season in order to be certified. There will be no exceptions for either sector in 2016.

We trust that this message will be circulated to coaches eo ensure that they are informed of this decision, as well as the requirement to follow the OLA's Coaching Pathway for proper certification in the future. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter, as well as your involvement in the OLA's coaching program.

Rick Phillips
VP Coaching

Ontario Lacrosse Association
Feb 24, 2016

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