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U7 Modified Contact Rules

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In U7 (Paperweight), the following rule modifications are in effect:


  1. Within the defensive zone, defending players are able to “stick check upwards” from underneath their opponent’s stick. Stick checks which originate overhand are penalized as high-sticking, even if the defending player’s stick only makes contact with the ball-carrier’s stick.
  2. Within the dotted line of the defensive zone, defending players are able to create contact by using the Place & Push mechanic on the ball-carrier. A defending player’s stick must be placed on the opponent’s arm before the defending player extends their own arms. This allows the defending player to accurately steer the attacking player away from the goal. Once the attacking ball-carrier is pushed outside of the dotted line, they can continue to be pushed until they no longer have the ball, but cannot be pushed into the boards.
  3. Defending players cannot make contact with any attacking players who are not the ball-carrier(similar to field lacrosse) at any time, anywhere on the floor. There is no Place & Push or cross-checking allowed on a non-ball-carrier anywhere on the floor.
  4. Any violation of the modified contact rules (either #1 or #2) will result in a stoppage of play. The offending player will be sent to the team bench for an immediate substitution. Play can be restarted immediately with possession to the non-offending team, but the substitute player cannot enter the playing surface until the offending player has reached the exchange box. This penalty is not recorded on the score sheet. To facilitate skill development, any body contact, stick-to-body or stick-to-stick contact that violates the modified rules is illegal.
  5. Any actions of players which would result in a penalty under regulation box lacrosse rules will still result in a penalty being assessed as normal for the Paperweight division.